Saturday, August 25, 2012

Night Eyes Available FREE at Amazon

   Night Eyes is a short story that James A. Moore and I wrote as a teaser to our novel Blind Shadows. We gave it away as a free pdf last Halloween, and now it's up as an ebook for the Kindle at Amazon. Night Eyes takes place on Halloween Night 1973 in the small town of Wellman Georgia, and involves a group of kids who learn the hard way why their elders have warned them never to be out in the woods on All Hallows Eve. It's available August 26-30 for Free!
   I'd forgotten how much fun I'd had writing the Wellman kids, and now Jim and I are talking about a possible YA novel featuring the characters.
   This is my first ebook and my first appearance on Amazon so I got a kick out of seeing it listed. Special thanks to writer J.A. Konrath, whose blog helped me find out how to do an ebook cover.


Brett Brooks said...

It's only available as a Kindle book. I has a sad.


Anonymous said...

Eh, my wife had a kindle.

So I snatched this tale like Conan grabbing a flagon of wine after the big battle.

John Hocking

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Brett, I think you can download a Kindle app for your Iphone. I think.

Thanks, John! Hope you enjoy it.