Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sword and Sandal Theater: Son of Samson

   Cliff had emailed me the other day about a remastered re-release of a Sword and Sandal movie he thought I might want (The title of which is so awesome that I will wait until it arrives to reveal it) and thinking about it put me in the mood to watch one of these movies, also known as Peplums. I dug out a collection I bought a while back,  called 50 Warriors, which is a big set of these films and decided on Son of Samson (aka Maciste the Mighty) mostly because it takes place in Egypt and I hadn't see many Peplums with Egyptian backgrounds. Turned out to be a good choice because not only did the movie have better than average sets and production values, but it also featured Chelo Alonso, a fabulous 60s era babe, playing an Evil Queen.
   Maciste (Mark Forest) wanders into Egypt just as the aforementioned evil queen has her husband the Pharaoh assassinated. Seems Pharaoh had just learned that the queen had been selling peasants as slaves to the Persians. The Pharaoh isn't thrilled and the queen decides she has a better chance of controlling the Pharaoh's wandering son than the old man, so zap, it's an arrow to the back.
   However the son has just saved Maciste's life and also been saved by Maciste. This will be important later when Maciste tries to help the peasants and slaves and he thinks he can rely on the young Pharaoh for help. But Pharaoh's slinky former step-mother puts a magic necklace on him that makes him forget his friends, so Maciste is on his own.
   There are the usual strong man stunts and pitched battles you'd expect. As I said the production values on this one are high and the costumes and sets are impressive for the genre. Mark Forest looks massive and heroic. Chelo is hot. What more do you want from a Saturday afternoon movie? I had a lot of fun with Son of Samson. 3 out of 5 Sandals for this one.

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