Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Midweek Report

 Sorry I haven't been blogging much this week. Things have turned busy as they sometimes do. The weekend was good if uneventful. I read a bunch of short stories, including several from M.R. James, which I'll be talking about more as Halloween gets closer. I also watched a very interesting documentary about James, which is available on Youtube. Also, a few years back, the BBC did a series of adaptations of many of James' ghost stories and most of those have been uploaded to Youtube as well. Maybe this Halloween I'll do a post about scary stuff you can watch on Youtube.
   Continuing my Clint Eastwood film festival, I watched Pale Rider this weekend, which is one I haven't seen in some time. I actually saw this one in the theater, making it one of two Eastwood Westerns I saw at the movies, the other being Unforgiven.
   I also got back to watching Deadwood. I'd watched the first half of the first season and gotten sidetracked by other things, so now I'm finishing up the second half. Still a very strong series with some really good actors and some great period detail. I have to say that, rather surprisingly, my favorite character has turned out to be Ian McShane's saloon keeper, Al Swearengen. He's a reprehensible human being, but jeez, what a performance. I've also been reminded what a good actor Powers Boothe is.
   I spent a lot of time at the website Comic Book Plus, a vast library of public domain Comics, magazines, fanzines, pulps, and such. They've got a great collection of Golden Age comic books that I could never afford, and you don't even have to download them. You can just read them at the site. Recently they've been putting up some of the old UK Sexton Blake Library magazines, so I've been having fun with that too. I'll post the link at the bottom of this post, but be warned, you can waste A LOT of time just bumping around this site.
   Other than that, things are quiet. Tonight is Comic Book Store Night, when I swing by my buddy Cliff's comic shop and then go to dinner with a bunch of friends. Always a good time. I have my Friday second breakfast prep mostly done. Just need to pick up some scones tomorrow night. I can cook everything else, but scones are beyond me. Just to show you I'm a total geek, my friend Nancy and I plan to have an online second breakfast in Lord of the Rings Online while we're actually eating. We'll send our avatars Kharrn and Briefer to Bag End at 11:00 sharp. If you're in the shire, come on by.
   Anyway, that's some of what's going on. I'll try and be more interesting later in the week.

Here's the link to Comic Book Plus:

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