Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Who Blues

   You may have noticed that I've had little to say about the new season of Doctor Who. That's because truthfully I haven't been that taken with it. Last night was the Fall series finale and while some aspects of it worked, I thought a lot of it was just goofy. Long time readers will recall that I've been a big fan and booster of the revived series, so I almost feel bad for not liking it this year. My biggest problem with the series is just too many things don't make sense. Plot holes and improbabilities have always been part of DW. I mean it's not a serious SF show. But recently it seems to be all about big shocking images that ultimately don't pay off or pan out.
 I've referred to Steven Moffat as the Julius Schwartz (Or Mort Weisinger) of Doctor Who before, and this season bears the theory out even more. You remember those old DC Comics covers which were drawn first and then a story written to fit them, no matter how little sense that story made?  Jimmy Olsen marries a Gorilla. Superman becomes a scarecrow. The Flash turns into a puppet. The Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel. (Did we know the angels could possess statues that weren't angels?) Rory is dead. Again. The new companion is a Dalek,
   As a whole I've found the first season a bit meh, more style than substance. There have been moments when Matt Smith has pulled things out just by his performance, but often even he seems to be just going through the motions. I'm starting to think its time for Moffat to turn things over to someone else. He just seems to be recycling earlier successes and thus tarnishing them. But DW takes in so much cash for the BBC that I don't see them getting rid of Moffat as long as the Whovians settle for dumbed down Who.


Dougie said...

I feel the same: all flash and no heart. I've always been a bit detached from the show during the Moffat Era and although I liked last season even less, I find myself enjoying Big Finish audios more than the tv version.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

I've been following you reviews of the Big Finish adventures, and they certainly sound more like real DW adventures. I'm hoping now that the Amy/Rory story has been resolved that maybe part two of this season will be stronger.

Paul R. McNamee said...

I disagree, but that's what fans do. :)

I liked these five episodes, mostly. I liked that they stood alone and weren't an arc, for a change. (Other than knowing the Ponds would exit.) No huge buildup to universal annihilation or stopping of all time.

I thought "Asylum of the Daleks" greatly made up for "Victory of the Daleks" (which really fell flat for me.)

What I really liked is realizing the Doctor has been up to no good between the scenes. At the end of season six, he was "dead." Now, it's taken it further by erasing himself from knowledge bases throughout space-time.

Which brings it right back to "Asylum of the Daleks." He mentioned that he tried to hack into the Daleks' web,but couldn't. So, was he already starting to erase his steps?

Or, when Oswin erased the Doctor from the Daleks memories, did that give him the idea to do it everywhere?

And, of course, I am real curious how they bring Oswin back into the storyline.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Oh, and yes, the Big Finish stuff has been pretty good, though I haven't gotten anything lately. I have a short commute and I really don't do audioplays at home.

Perhaps I can make some time for some new ones next year.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Paul, my brother has thoroughly enjoyed this season of Doctor Who and he thinks I'm just being cranky. Heh! I am looking forward to seeing how Oswin comes in as well.