Sunday, September 16, 2012

Swords and Dinosaurs

   Over at his blog, The Blog That Time Forgot, my friend Al Harron has posted some concept art for a new heroic fantasy sub genre, 'Sword & Dinosaur'. Now as a guy who loves both swords and dinosaurs, I think this is a fantastic idea. In fact I may write a short story in the genre just to show solidarity with Al.
   Thinking of swords & dinosaurs reminded me of one of my favorite issues of the old Gold Key sword & sorcery comic, Dagar the Invincible. In issue #5 in a tale called ANOTHER WORLD...ANOTHER TIME, Dagar traveled through a time warp back to the days of the dinosaurs. Dagar writer Donald F. Glut (himself the author of numerous Dinosaur reference books) has this to say:

   "Another Word...Another Time was my chance to combine the sword & sorcery comic book genre with one of my favorites, the dinosaur and/or caveman story."

   This was originally to have been a crossover between Dagar and another Gold Key character, Tragg, of Tragg and the Sky Gods, but Gold Key editors changed Tragg into a more common caveman type late in the game, without telling Glut. Tragg does make a cameo appearance but you have to look sharp to catch him. Anyway, fun to see a sword & sorcery hero running into dinosaurs and cavemen. Meanwhile, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Al comes up with. Check out his work here:

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