Monday, September 03, 2012

The Lonely Widow

  When I'm writing in a particular genre, I find it helps me focus if I only read stories from that genre  as I work. That way I won't get distracted and want to write something else. As we know I am easily distracted. So I'm reading a bunch of Westerns while I'm working on THE DEVIL YOU DON'T KNOW. Today I read Peter Brandvold's The Lonely Widow, a short story about his series character Gideon Hawk, aka The Rogue Lawman. I wasn't familiar with Brandvold (And I should have been as he wrote for DC Comics.) but if the Gideon Hawk books are as hard-boiled as The Lonely Widow then I need to read them all. Hawk is a no nonsense former Marshal turned vigilante. In this tightly written little story he's hunting for some stagecoach robbers who, after taking the strongbox and all the passenger's money, put the passengers back on the stage and ran it over a cliff, killing women and children. For Hawk that means there's just one possible penalty, a quick and bloody death. The man is relentless. Anyway, if you like your Westerns with an edge, give this one a shot. A steal at only .99 cents for the Kindle. Swing by Brandvold's blog for more info.


LK said...

I dunno about women and children but I wouldn't forgive them for the horses, either. ;)

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Yeah, I thought of you when I read that scene.