Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn Thoughts

Fall has finally arrived, and though it has brought my usual autumn restlessness with it, that's not as pronounced this year because I actually took a trip only a week ago. I should probably schedule all my vacations for fall. Still, the cooler weather and the sharp edged, stark shadows make me think of far horizons.
   For now though, I'll have to stick close to home. Work has turned insanely busy, and I'm working a lot of overtime, including this Saturday, so not much time the last week or so to read and do the things I usually do. Basically I just vege out once I get home. Not getting a lot of writing done either, but as the good book says, even this shall pass.
   Lord of the Rings Online got their latest expansion up this week, Rohan. Haven't gotten to play much, but from what I've seen the area is huge. That's good because you should have a feeling of great expanses of open land in Rohan. This is the expansion that introduces mounted combat. Since the kinship I belong to is the Windriders of Rohan, we've been waiting for combat from horseback. I've heard mixed reviews of it so far, but I haven't leveled up enough to actually try it. We'll see. Lore wise, I did get to witness the breaking of the fellowship and the fall of Boromir, which was suitably epic. I don't think we get to Helm's Deep  with this expansion, but we will go into Fangorn Forest.
   My DVD of Dark Night of the Scarecrow arrived, so I'll watch that this weekend. John Hocking was kind enough to recommend it in response to my last post about Halloween. I'll be trying to get into the Halloween spirit here, since the day is fast approaching. Got some more scary movies to watch and creepy stories to read lined up.
   On a melancholy note, the cool nights are reminding me of my cat Amelia who passed away two months ago. She always slept in the living room (on the center cushion of my couch) during the summer, but once the nights got cold she would come and sleep in my bed. Just as soon as my head hit the pillow she would pop up onto the bed and begin pawing at the edge of the blanket so that I would lift it up and let her get under the covers. She would sleep curled against my left hip until morning. Fortunately I still have my other cat, Bruce, who has his own nightly ritual of kneading my chest for five minutes before settling down by my knee.
   So anyway, those are my thoughts now that autumn has arrived. Hopefully I'll get some more interesting posts up in the next few days.

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