Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Christmas Reading

   In addition to the Sexton Blake Christmas book mentioned below, I also started reading Six Guns and Slay Bells, a collection of Weird Westerns set at Christmas. Read the first story last night, Sheriff Santa by Robert J. Randisi. In this one, an aging Sheriff tries to stop a bank robbery while attired in the Santa Claus suit he wears for the town kids. Things don't go well, but then he gets some unexpected ghostly help. This is a very fun little story and a great beginning to the collection.
   This is another collection from the members of the Western Fictioneers, the same folks who did The Traditional West anthology I bragged on a while back and who are doing the shared world Wolf Creek books. I'll be talking about more of the stories as I read them, but you can get more info about Six Guns and Slay Bells right now by going here:

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