Thursday, November 01, 2012

When You Wish Upon A Death Star

When the news broke that George Lucas had sold the Star Wars Franchise to Disney, a lot of my co-workers stopped by my desk to see what I thought. I am their source of fannish knowledge. Of course I had to explain, as I often do, that just because I used to collect comic books and read science fiction, I'm not automatically a Star Wars fan. I do like Star Wars, just as I like Star Trek, but I don't consider myself an actual fan of either. I'm a comic book fan. A Robert E. Howard fan. A Doctor Who fan. A Sherlock Holmes fan. My knowledge of Star Wars is probably only slightly better than the average movie-goer. I blame a lot of this on The Big Bang Theory, which has fostered the idea that speculative fiction fans are fans of EVERYTHING.
   However I did give my co-workers my opinion, which is that ultimately I think it a good thing. George is tired of the universe he created, and it might be better to let new writers and directors try their hands at the property. Though I didn't hate the second three Star Wars movies (And yes, I know that chronologically they're the first three, so don't go all fan boy on me.) I thought they had a lot of problems story wise.
   I'm hoping that new folks can take Lucas's concepts and write some new and better stories. And of course Disney has the cash to do them right in terms of special effects, so no worries there.
   Interviews with George that I've seen in the last couple of days indicate to me that he's glad to step away from Star Wars and leave it to the new generation of film makers. He got his 4.2 BILLION and he's leaving his toys and going home.

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