Monday, December 10, 2012

Broadway Bounty

Broadway Bounty is my second visit with Robert J. Randisi's bounty hunter, Decker. I picked up Bounty on a Baron in a used bookstore and liked it enough to look into the rest of the series. After I read the plot of Broadway Bounty, I knew I'd have to get that one. In this book, Decker travels to New York City to avenge the backshooting of an old friend, a fellow bounty hunter named Dover.
   Decker goes on the hunt for the man who hired the gunmen who killed his friend and soon finds himself the target of the same man.
   I love this sort of fish out of water story, with the Western bred Decker trying to adjust to the Wild Wild East. The streets of new York are not the kind of canyons Decker is used to and he has to adjust to a different kind of man hunt. But Decker learns fast and soon he's dispensing his own brand of frontier justice on the city slickers.
   This is a fast paced Western with good supporting characters, a couple of nasty bad guys, and even a romantic subplot. It's under 200 pages so I read it in a couple of hours. Just like with Bounty on A Baron, I was very impressed with Randisi's stripped down prose. No words are wasted as he drags you along with Decker. I'm currently reading one of Randisi's Gunsmith books and enjoying it tremendously. More on that later.
   The bad news is there appear to be only five book in the Decker series. The good news is, they are available on Kindle so you don't have to hunt down the paperbacks if you don't want to.
   Oh I did notice that Randisi has continued his practice of crossovers from his private eye days. Back when I was reading the Miles Jacoby PI books, Randisi would often reference other writers private eyes, like if he needed information on a suspect in Detroit, Jacoby might call Loren D. Estleman's Amos Walker. Estleman gets a nod in one of the Decker books when Decker mentions US Marshall Page Murdoch, who has his own series. And the Gunsmith knows Jim West from the Wild Wild West. I love stuff like that.

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