Friday, December 28, 2012

The Chronicles of Professor Elemental

   "Discovery" the first episode of the web series, The Chronicles of Professor Elemental is finally here. Some of you may recall my mentioning the good Professor a while back. His Steampunk rap stylings (know as Chap Hop) were brought to my attention by comic book artist and all around swell guy, Mike Hawthorne. I was very taken with the Prof's songs Fighting Trousers and Cup of Brown Joy, and when I heard that he was trying to get a web series going through a kick starter style appeal to his fans I had to contribute. The campaign raised a good deal more cash than  the original goal and they were able to make a nifty three part pilot. The first of those three parts is up now at the link I'll supply at the bottom of this post. If you like Steampunk and enjoy British dry humor, and of course some Chap Hop songs and general silliness, then check out The Chronicles of Professor Elemental. Watch the ending credits and you'll see me there as a funder under the screen name CRRUT. Look at me. I'm a patron of the arts.

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