Friday, January 04, 2013


   I got a lot of stuff in the mail today. Got the three He-Man mini-comics with art by Alfredo Alcala that I mentioned a couple of posts back. Flipping through them I see that He-Man's early adventures were very much in the sword & sorcery mode. Terrific art.
   And speaking of the art of Alfredo Alcala, I also received a copy of Magic Carpet #1, an independent comic from 1977 that features two stories illustrated by Alcala. More about that later.
   And finally I got the last Frank Belknap Long Gothic Romance Novel which I needed to complete the set of nine. This one, The House of Deadly Nightshade, is the hardest to come by of the group and usually the most expensive but I got a nice copy for a good price. It also has the worst cover of the nine. What is with that woman's arms? Is she related to Monk Mayfair?
  Anyway, some fun stuff to look at over the weekend.

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