Sunday, January 20, 2013

Brain Flotsam

   Sometimes things just float to the top of your brain for little or no reason. I was talking about Lord of the Rings Online this morning at breakfast with my parents and I suddenly flashed on a poster I'd been given at a comic book convention in the 1970s. It was a preview for Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings. So when I got home I went on Ebay to see if I could find an image of it. Couldn't find the exact poster but the illustration had been used for a Spanish movie poster. Here's the pic:
I don't see a signature but I'm pretty sure it was drawn by comics artist Mike Ploog. I know Ploog worked for Bakshi on several films. Anyway, I remember having that one my wall for some time. That made me think of yet another poster that hung in my room for several years. This was also a Tolkien based poster, but I had no idea who drew it. Back to the internet and a search for 'Vintage Tolkien Posters', which brought me this:
Also got a little background info. The artist for this poster, a fellow named James Cauty,  was only 17 years old at the time. What's funny was that I hadn't read any Tolkien at that point. I guess I just liked the image. I'm pretty sure I bought it at Spenser's, which was a sort of suburban head shop, popular in malls back in the day. Lava lamps. Black light posters. Incense. That kind of thing. I seem to recall one other poster but I can't get a clear image of it. Seems like maybe Robert Gould drew it. Didn't spot it on a quick web search. But yeah, weird the stuff that the brain just throws at you sometimes.


Keith said...

This post reminded me that I've got a set of small LotR posters I picked up in a second hand bookstore when I was in college. I need to dig them out when I get home. I should still have them somewhere.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Cool, Keith. Please post them if you find them.

Dougie said...

Haha! "Suburban head shop" is exactly the right description for two local bookshops I frequented as a teen. They were both called "Bell, Book and Candle" and I used to cut classes to read Moorcock and Lin Carter paperbacks there. Probably the first time ( but not the last) I encountered incense- I was so naive.

They stopped trading in the mid-80s ( a bit unfashionable although smoking dope was far from out of style; quite the opposite if anything.)
Last November, I was reminded of the Hamilton branch because I was attending a job interview at the council chambers across the street. BB and C was now a Blockbuster video store; they went bust last week.

andi carline said...

i have this poster framed on my living room wall, i brought it back in the late 80s. i'd never read the book, but read it soon after purchasing the poster. its a large poster.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

I remember that it was a really big poster. Mine was just thumbtacked to a wall.