Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday Morning at the Bookstore

   Headed out early this morning to the Book Nook II in Marietta. It's one of the few used bookstores left in the area and it has a pretty good turnover in books so it's worth dropping by once a month or so. The selection was particularly kind to me this morning as they had two of the three Judge Earl Stark (see my review of The Silver Alibi a few posts back) books by James Reasoner that I wanted. Also found a Lou Prophet novel that I didn't have, by the ever reliable Peter Brandvold. I mostly bought the two Nevada Jim books for the James Bama covers, though my pal Cliff tells me they are perfectly good series Westerns. They came out at the same time that Bama was doing the covers for the Doc Savage paperback reprints and in fact Nevada Jim looks like some parallel universe version of the Man of Bronze as a cowboy. I'll read one soon and let you know what I think.

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