Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Interesting night at the comic book store. Picked up DC Comics' Showcase Presents Justice League volume 6. Oddly enough this volume starts with the very first issue of Justice League I ever bought off the stands, a team-up between the Justice League of America and the Freedom Fighters, who were the heroes that formerly were published by Quality Comics. I figure this will be a fun book for me as I haven't read most of these stories since the 1970s and that was prime comicbook discovery time for me. Ah, nostalgia.
   Also got Nemo:Heart of Ice, which is a new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen adventure by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. Moore's work has been sort of uneven the last few years, but when the man's on he's on so I figured I'd give this a try. We'll see how it goes.
   And even though I'd already read max Allan Collins' Seduction of the Innocent on my Kindle, I bought the trade paperback because the cover is nifty and I wanted the Terry Beatty illustrations on paper. The book so nice I bought it twice.
   The mail brought two packages. One contained the paperback edition of I Am Providence, the gigantic two-volume biography of H.P. Lovecraft by S.T. Joshi. I passed on this when it came out in hardback figuring to pick it up later, but it has since become collectible and very expensive, so I was glad to get the paperbacks. Looking forward to delving into this one.
   The other package held a hardback adaptation of the 1957 movie Tarzan and the Lost Safari. No idea who actually wrote it, but I'd been meaning to pick up a copy for some time. The book wasn't in quite as good condition as the Ebay seller claimed, but it's fine as a reading copy and it was cheap.
   So yeah, lot of cool stuff yesterday.


Paul R. McNamee said...

Way to go!

Yesterday I made digital acquisitions. Big Finish are having an 8th Doctor sale. I bought 4 audio-episodes for $5 each (downloads.)

And, Comixology are having a Red Sonja collections sale (Dynamite, e'comics) so I bought the first omnibus.

One of these days I'll pony up for an iPad to read all these digital comic acquisitions. I have a bunch of Dark Horse stuff, too. Been grabbing sales. They are readable in a browser, if I get desperate.

Keith said...

I am so swamped right now, I can't even think about new acquisitions. However, the Justice League from the mid-to-late 70s were my favorite comics when I was a kid. I started reading a year or after the Freedom Fighters team-up, so I haven't read that one yet.

Maybe a visit to the comics store this weekend is in order...