Sunday, March 10, 2013

London Calling

    Been a while since I mentioned this, but London England is my favorite city in the world. I took four trips there in the late 90s and somehow I've allowed more than a decade to pass since I've been back. Just the way things fell out. For some reason I'm thinking of London this morning, perhaps because I had blackberry jam on my toast when I went out for breakfast and maybe because the weather this morning, cool and blustery, feels like the UK in March.
   Blackberry jam on toast was always what I went with when I had breakfast at the Grafton Edwardian Hotel (At the corner of Tottingham Court Road and Warren Street) along with eggs and beans and potato cakes, before rushing out to the Warren Street Underground Station to head out to all parts of London. The great thing about staying in a hotel adjacent to an Underground station was that you really couldn't get lost in the city. No matter how far you wandered, you could always just find a train station (they're everywhere) and get back to your hotel.
     Anyway, I'm feeling a little homesick for a place that isn't my home early on a Sunday. I suspect that were I wealthy, i would live part of the year in London. The only other place I get that feeling for is Santa Fe New Mexico, so I'd probably live there part time too. But for now, I'll just think of the bustling London streets and that particular quality of light of springtime in Regent's Park.

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