Monday, March 25, 2013

Writing Report

   Hit 11K words today on the latest collaboration between me and James A. Moore. This isn't the SF book we were working on that I mentioned a while back, but something completely different. We were having fun with the other idea, but we both decided we were in the mood for something grittier so we switched. And bloody freaking gritty this new book is. Just wrote the bloodiest gun battle I've done in a while.
   I'm also working on a short novel on my own that several of you who stop by regularly will probably find of interest. More on that later. I'm waiting for some research material to arrive in the mail.
   And I'm offering moral support by writing along with my friend, Laura Kinsale, who is determined to finish her latest novel by July. As always, when I watch her work, I am amazed at her research and her attention to detail. There's a reason she's in a class of her own in the Historical romance field. The lady can write.


lk said...

You know I can't do it w/o you!

Been sitting here most of the day getting all balled up in Eton schoolboy stories.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

You'll get there.I have faith.