Monday, April 15, 2013

Abandoned Blogs

You ever click on the "next blog" button at the top of blogger blogs? I do sometimes just to see where it will take me. Several times I've found blogs that I keep returning to, often ones that aren't related to any of my own interests but that are just cool.
   Then there are the abandoned Blogs. Ones that haven't had a post in two or three years. Sometimes I'm amazed at the amount of time and energy that went into these blogs, but then the blogger just wandered off. And I wonder what happened to them. Of course several times I've almost given up blogging, so I can see how it happens, but it's still odd to come across these blogs that ran for several years and just stopped. Sometimes there's a final explanatory post, but most of them seem as if the blogger just left one day and didn't' return. And who knows? Maybe they will come back at some point.
   The ones that seem the saddest to me are the ones that have only one post, usually something along the lines of "This is my blog! Here I'll be keeping people posted with the events of my life and things that interest me. Welcome"
   And that's it. Three years later and they never posted again. Hopefully these folks weren't hit by a bus or something.
   Anyway, if I ever give up Singular Points, I'll probably make a final post and leave it up for a couple of months and then delete the blog. My brother and I often kid about how when we closed our Karate Dojo after 21 years, not only did we gut the building and take down the road sign, but we also salted the ground so nothing would ever grow there again. When I'm done, I'm done.


Cromsblood said...

...salted the ground...hah!

A long time ago I read somewhere that the next blog button was supposed to take you to another blog with similar content.

I was pretty excited to discover this, and immediately went to Crom! and hit the next button to find more Conan awesomeness, and ended up on a Bon Jovi fan site.

I guess they never quite got that feature working right.

On a completely unrelated note, thanks to you and your blog, I've finally read a couple of Manly Wade Wellman stories, and I thank you for that. Very cool stuff!

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Cromsblood, it make me very happy to have introduced you to Wellman's fiction. He's a writer who I feel deserves a better rep than he gets.

Bon Jovi? Crom!