Saturday, April 06, 2013

Conan the Readable

 With Volume #13 of their Savage Sword of Conan reprints, Dark Horse comics finally get to the Chuck Dixon period of Conan writing. As I've mentioned in previous posts, after Roy Thomas I thought Dixon the best writer to work on Marvel's Conan series. Dixon wrote the majority of issues between SSoC #136 and #180, so since most of the these volumes reprint 10 issues, there's a nice run of good Conan comics for new readers to enjoy and old fans to collect. Dixon made no real attempt to mimic Robert E. Howard in his writing, but he did use REH's basic approach, which was pseudo-historical adventure with some sorcery tossed in. Dixon's Conan has a nice, gritty feel to it and plenty of action.
   The art tends to be good throughout Dixon's tenure too, with a lot of Gary Kwapisz and Ernie Chan. An interesting bit of art in Volume #13 is an early job by Andy Kubert, who at that time was drawing as much like his father, Joe Kubert, as humanly possible.
   Anyway, the SSoC reprints have become readable again, after a long period of murky writing, in my opinion anyway, so if you've wandered away, this is a good time to come back. For a more detailed look at Dixon's time on Savage Sword, see my earlier post here:


Matt said...

I didn't know Dixon had written Conan stories--that's pretty awesome! I loved his Batman and Punisher stuff growing up. I'm off to amazon to order savage sword volume 13! Also, as a new reader of your blog I must say I really enjoy it!

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Welcome, Matt. Glad you're enjoying the blog. It's a labor of love for me.