Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How These Things Get Started II

So you might figure, being such a huge fan of Conan and Conan comic books, that I would have a complete set of the Marvel Comics Conan the Barbarian comic book. Far from it. I have about 50 issues, the ones I bought as a kid, and a few I've added over the years. But I don't have the early issues or any of the later ones. That's about to change though. See, I knew that Roy Thomas, my favorite Conan Comics writer, came back to write Conan toward the end of the Marvel run, around issue 240, and stayed until the last issue, #275. I've never read any of those. I'd actually planned on waiting until Dark Horse got around to reprinting them in their Chronicles of Conan trade paperbacks. However when I got the latest volume, #23, which reprinted Conan issues 174-181, I realized that since they reprint about 10 issues per volume I was a good five to six volumes from reaching the Thomas issues. And they only publish a couple a year now, so it was going to be a while. Still, I probably would have waited, but I was bumping around EBay and somebody had a set of the first fifteen or so of the new Thomas issues really cheap, so I bought them.
   You can guess the rest. I'm a collector, so of course I wanted to get the rest of the run.
   But, I'm also not willing to pay too much for old comics these days because I'm just as happy with the reprints, so the only way I'd get the rest of them would be if I could get them fairly cheap. I've spent the last few weeks haunting EBay, checking prices and looking for bargains. As it stands now, I have all but three issues of Thomas's run on the way and it's cost me less than 50 bucks including postage. Comes to about $1.50 an issue, which is much less than a new comic today, and not much more than cover price was at the time. Now I gotta go find those last three issues...

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