Saturday, April 13, 2013

Look You on Beauty and Death

   When I saw that two of my favorite Western writers, James Reasoner and Livia J. Washburn had a sword & sorcery short story available as a Kindle ebook I ordered it immediately. Really glad I did. This is a very tightly written little adventure with plenty of sword swinging action, and it really is an old fashioned sword versus sorcery tale where a warrior matches steel and wit against a wizard armed with supernatural powers.
   The protagonist, Ralna, is a bodyguard for her Empress, but she was born in a small hill village. A member of her tribe finds her in the city and tells her she must return for her sister's wedding. Ralna is suspicious but when the old friend is killed she returns home to find out just what's going on. Seems that her sister is being forced to marry a repulsive old sorcerer. Ralna isn't going to stand still for that.
   Reasoner and Washburn are both Texans and in some ways Ralna reminds me of Dark Agnes, the creation of another famous Texas writer, our own Robert E. Howard. I would certainly like to see more adventures of Ralna in the future. So if you're up for some old school sword & sorcery, written with style and a sense of adventure, give this one a shot. Recommended.

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Keith said...

I enjoyed this one, too. I know both Reasoner and Washburn are Howard fans, so you may be onto something with the Dark Agnes connection.