Friday, April 26, 2013

On to Helm's Deep

   I've mentioned before that Lord of the Rings Online, the MMORPG that I've been playing for the last few years parallels the events from J.R.R. Tolkien's three tier novel, The Lord of the Rings. Your adventures take place during the war of the ring, and while for the most part, you aren't involved in the central storyline, you do occasionally run into the main characters. My avatar, Kharrn the Barbarian, has fought side by side with Gimli and Legolas. He has met Bilbo Baggins and counseled Frodo  Baggins in Rivendell. He has been taken  prisoner by Saruman and ridden with the Riders of Rohan. For me, those are some of the highlights of the game, and I suspect that without the LotR lore I wouldn't still be playing. As a fan of the books I'm having fun visiting all the locations from The Hobbit and LotR.
   This morning I received notice from Turbine (the creators of the game) that the fall expansion will take players to Helm's Deep, the great fortress of the Rohirrim. According to the press release players will "Encounter beloved characters such as Aragorn, Éowyn, and Éomer. Restore King Théoden to his rightful lordship and defend the peoples of Rohan at Helm’s Deep."
   We'll get to visit Edoras and Dunharrow and level up to level 95. (I'm capped at 85 now) So anyway, another chunk of the book comes to the game. I've been pretty impressed with Rohan so far, so I'll be interested in seeing how things look at Helm's Deep.

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