Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Writing Report

   Rolling up on 10 thousand words on a short novel I'm working on. This one is a full out Cthulhu mythos tale, inspired by all the reading of and about H.P. Lovecraft I've been doing lately. I'm working on this in between chapters of the latest novel I'm writing with James A. Moore. The working title is "The Full Lovecraft" because of a joke I made once, "You never go full Lovecraft", with apologies to Tropic Thunder fans. Don't know what the finished title will be. A couple of characters from Blind Shadows and Congregations of the Dead show up in this one, though not Wade Griffin or Carl Price. I've been throwing in a lot of stuff and I'm coming up on the point where I'll have to figure out where this is going. I don't plot far ahead or I get bored, though I have a rough idea of where things will end up.
   I have ideas for two other stories that will link to this one, though all three would be stand alone tales. Might never write the other two. Time will tell.
   Anyway, more about the actual plot once I get things lined up.

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