Wednesday, May 01, 2013

George Ziel

   Thanks to Barrymore Tebbs for pointing out that two of the paintings featured in my recent post about Gothic Romance covers were by artist George Ziel. I'd actually seen Ziel's work before over at my friend Sara's blog 'My Love-Haunted Heart', but didn't recognize his style. Once I went to Lynn Monroe Books webpage and checked out the section devoted to Ziel I recalled the stunningly creepy painting I'd seen there before and which I've attached to this post. According to Munroe this was the cover painting for a Gothic called Step in the Dark. Not sure what those pale figures in the background are, but I think that girl should be trying a little harder to escape. Forget running away from the house. Run away from those zombie guys.
   For a bio and more samples of George Ziel's impressive work, go here:

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