Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hard Day's Knight

Generally speaking, I don't like books where vampires are the heroes. And I really don't like books with vampire detectives. I prefer vampires to be dirty, nasty horrible creatures like in Salem's Lot.


   I was scanning around Amazon and I spotted a book called Hard Day's Knight, by John G. Hartness. At first I thought it was just another paranormal detective book, and hey, I kind of write those myself so I gave it a look. Here's the premise:

  Children are missing.
The police are stumped.
Halloween is coming, and an ancient evil is on the horizon.
The vampires are the good guys.

   Until you hit the last line it sounds not unlike Blind Shadows. But the heroes are vampires, so again, I almost passed. This being Amazon however, I hit the 'Look Inside' feature and read the first six chapters. The hero's 'voice' drew me right in. Jimmy Black narrates the adventures of he and his partner (and  fellow vampire) Greg Knightwood in an engaging first person voice. That voices skirts the edge of precious a couple of times, but for the most part it's a very solid and entertaining voice and I know that many people appreciate a higher snark factor than I do. The further I read, the more I liked the two reluctant vampires, a couple of nerds who spend their time playing video games and reading comics when they're not fighting horrible creatures from the outer dark. I could hang with these boys. And the book is set in Charlotte NC, so the boys are fellow southerners.
   So I ordered the Omnibus edition for the Kindle, which contains the first three books in the series. Read Hard Day's Knight in a sitting, basically, and really enjoyed it. So, yeah, need to watch my prejudices against certain kinds of books. Almost missed a real winner. The book is kind of a Superhero book in the way that Jim Butcher's books are and the pop culture references fly fast and furious.
   John G. Hartness's Black Knight Omnibus is climbing the Kindle bestsellers chart. Help him out if you're so inclined, and give The Black Knight Chronicles a try. The vampires are the heroes, but they don't sparkle. I promise. Check out John's website here:



Keith West said...

I saw this one and wondered about it. Your review reminded me of a Joe Lansdale quote I saw once: "There are no boring genres, only boring writers." I'll have to give this one a try.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

I had a lot of fun with it, Keith. Good quote from Lansdale, and dead on in this case.