Monday, May 20, 2013

Writing Report

   After finishing off the Carnacki story, with the able assistance of beta readers Cliff Biggers and James A. Moore, (Thanks guys!) I turned my attention back to the Full Lovecraft (Because you NEVER go FULL Lovecraft). Though I usually don't do much editing or re-writing until I finish a story, I could tell this one had gone off the rails, so I backtracked to where it had gone wrong, and removed about 4000 words. Then I wrote a new 1300 word chapter to repair the cracks and got the story back on track. I think.
   James A. Moore and I are kicking around ideas for another project for after we write the third Griffin and Price novel. We actually have several collaborations we want to do, but this one sounds like a lot of fun. More on that later. Somewhere in there I need to get back to my Weird Western.
   I have a five day weekend coming up for Memorial Day, so hopefully I'll get a lot of writing done this week.

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