Sunday, June 09, 2013

Another Weird Dream

   Been a while since I mentioned any of my whacked out dreams. I've been having a period of extremely vivid dreams the last couple of weeks. One I won't describe as it had several elements I intend to use in a story.  However, this morning I had one that was kind of cool. In the dream I 'woke up' to find a vampire who looked a lot liked Quentin Collins from Dark shadows, leaning over me with one hand locked around my throat. Glowing eyes, barred fangs, the whole nine yards. Not a good thing to wake up to.
   Fortunately I was in good form and I used a ju-jitsu move called the oopa, to throw the bloodsucker off of me. Then I rolled out of bed, smashed a bedside table, snatched up one of the jagged legs, and jammed it into the vampire's heart as he came running around the bed to get to me. Remember kids, furniture is your friend.
   I woke up a little later, congratulating my sleeping brain for fast thinking. Go brain.

   (And yes, I know Quentin Collins was a werewolf, not a vampire. I don't write these dreams. I just have them.)

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