Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Report

   Overall this was a pretty quiet weekend, which was what I wanted after spending the previous weekend out of town. I mostly read and watched DVDs. I reviewed the Sexton Blake book Sorcerers of Set already, however a comment from Chap O'Keefe (Keith Chapman) set me to looking at another book in the series and some connections to yet another British series that I'll talk more about later. I also read Rio Youers amazing book Westlake Soul which I'll review later. It's too good to just get a mention here.
   DVD wise, I watched the original pilot movie for the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man. The pilot, based on Martin Caidin's science fiction novel Cyborg, was a lot darker than the TV show which would eventually emerge from it. The protagonist, a pilot who has both legs, one arm and one eye replaced with bionic machinery spends a lot more time brooding over his perceived loss of humanity. The movie seems more like something Rod Serling might have written. The DVD set contains the other TV movies that preceded the series and the entire first season of the show. Should be fun.
   Michael J. Basset's Solomon Kane film (2009) FINALLY got a US blu-ray release and I rewatched it for the first time since my original viewing of a UK DVD on my computer. Still one of the best sword & sorcery movies made, even if it's not really Robert E. Howard's version of Kane. It has sword fights, monsters, and dark sorcery. Stylishly directed with a great cast. I enjoyed seeing it on the bigger screen in higher quality. Lots of extras of the blu-ray as well.
   Somewhere in there I read some comic books and did some research for a story and even got a little writing done. As weekend go, I've had worse.


Paul R. McNamee said...

I vaguely remember the pilot movie for The Six Million Dollar Man.

I don't remember there being t.v. movies before the main series. I probably saw them - they've probably all blurred together in my memory at this point.

It's very tempting to revisit The Six Million Dollar Man since I have not watched it since I was a kid with the exception of an episode or two. But I have enough trouble getting around to watching the DVDs I already own.


Charles R. Rutledge said...

What I like to do, Paul, is watch an episode as I eat dinner. Get through a lot of TV shows that way. I watched all three seasons of Kung Fu, all six seasons of Hercules, and so forth.