Monday, August 05, 2013

It Pays to be Patient

   At one point I owned all the Peter Saxon Guardian books, though I had only read a couple. The other day, spurred on by my recent  renewed interest in the books,  I went looking for them and could only turn up two of the six. Don't know if I lost them when I moved a few years back or what, but they were gone. So being an experienced book collector I went looking for replacement copies.
   Most of the books were in the three to five dollar range, with one being 31 cents. But one, The Vampires of Finistere, for some reason went on Amazon, Ebay, and ABEbooks for from $30 to $57 bucks. A bit expensive for a paperback. Maybe it was because of the Jeff Jones cover on the US edition, but whatever the reason it was more than I wanted to pay.
   So I kept checking Ebay for Peter Saxon books and a couple of Days later someone put up a group of six for ten bucks. And lo and behold, one was the vampire book. Needless to say, I ordered them. They arrived today and the guardian book was in great shape. Several of the other books look fun too. So once again, patience and persistence pay off.