Sunday, September 01, 2013

Orc Wars

   My friend Tim Knight brought the Kickstarter Campaign for the movie Orc Wars to my attention. I'm a sucker for films where modern day heroes fight fantasy creatures like orcs and dragons so I decided to contribute. Wednesday night my copy of the DVD arrived, signed by the writer/director Kohl Glass. Sat down to watch it yesterday and I really enjoyed it.
   Truthfully I didn't know what to expect as I knew that the film had been made on a pretty limited budget, but the filmmakers did a fine job. The story concerns a marine, back from some unnamed conflict, who just wants to be left alone. he buys a secluded farm in the American West and for a little while things are calm. Then a beautiful elf princess shows up followed by an army of smelly, nasty LotR style orcs and his short lived peace is shattered.
   The rest of the movie is a running battle between the orcs and the soldier. The hero is played by Rusty Joiner, who looks good in the part, and the princess is played by the very cute Masiela Lusha. There are plenty of martial arts, automatic weapons, a creepy evil sorceress, and a native American mystic (Wesley John)  who can kick some serious butt when called upon. You'll also get to see an elf princess ride a four wheeler and a battle between a dragon and an armored personnel carrier.
   Keep in mind the budget as you watch the movie. The special effects are a bit uneven, but overall this film has the look of something shot on a much higher budget. I had a lot of fun with it.

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