Friday, October 25, 2013

Conan Joins the Avengers

Okay, not really, but when I was a kid I always wanted to see such a team-up. And look, the bad guys are the Sons of The Serpent. Conan fought the minions of set, and in the comics he ran into the Serpent men of Valusia. This is a British comic and while it did feature reprints of the Avengers and Conan, there wasn't an actual crossover.


Dougie said...

This was the point where it was my favourite UK weekly: the transition into Avengers and Conan stories that I hadn't read. The alternating back-ups of Dr. Strange and Shang-Chi meant this was one of the most lush and grogeously-illustrated weeklies.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

A nice line-up for sure, Dougie. Something I just noticed looking at this cover again is it's a double Robert E. Howard cover because the demon Dr. Strange is fighting, Shuma-Gorath, was created by REH.