Saturday, October 12, 2013

Zombie and Ice Cream Dreams

  Last night I dreamed about Zombies. I don't recall ever doing that before. In the dream, the ever popular zombie apocalypse had occurred and I was wandering around, steering clear of the flesh eating predators. Had it a little easier than the folks in Walking Dead because for whatever reason, these zombies only came out at night.
   I came across this huge old house and there were several people living inside. They had zombie proofed the place as best they could but they warned me that that the upstairs was better protected than the downstairs because zombies couldn't climb well, so all they had to do was barricade the stairwell every night. However when evening came the upstairs was so crowded that I decided to take my chances downstairs. Bad choice. The zombies broke in after dark and action horrific ensued.
   I survived, but the next night I decided overcrowding wasn't that bad. Don't remember much after that. Later I dreamed I was at some sort of convention along with my brother. We had ice cream from one of those soft serve machines and everyone was amazed at my ability to make a Dairy Queen curl on top of the cones. (My family owned a Dairy Queen when I was growing up.)
   Teach me to eat pizza in the afternoon I guess.


Rachel said...

What a relief to come by someone else that has dreams as involved (and varied) as me. I don't talk about dreams much (because it's a pretty one-sided conversation:) but if I ever bring up one of my more elaborate ones I get the weirdest looks. Guess it's not that common. I think my most memorable was a dream in which a humanoid bat creature attacked a trailer park. In the way of dreams, I was variously the attacker and an attackee. I saved the day but the bat got away (probably the only way to work that if you're playing both sides:). I've often thought of writing it out since it was so involved and kind of exciting but never have.

Have not, as yet, been able to link any foods to my crazy dreams.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Well Rachel, there's no real proof of a correlation between what you eat and dreaming, but I often have wild dreams when I eat pizza. On the other hand, I have a lot of wild dreams anyway, so who knows? My dreams have always been vivid. As a child I had amazingly horrible nightmares. I still do, but they don't bother me much these days. I'm usually aware that I'm dreaming.
You should definitely write the dreams down when they're that elaborate. I've actually written entire short stories based on dreams, sometimes with very few changes. I plot well in my sleep it seems. H.P. Lovecraft did this as well, so we're in good company

Rachel said...

"I plot well in my sleep it seems."

:) Awesome!

Perhaps I will take your advice and write The Bat Attack sometime. I'm currently fiddling with various scenes from an Epic Fantasy story but I think I will put dreams on the list for when I want a break from the Epicness of it all (ha!).

As a kid I died a lot in dreams but always in very aseptic kinds of ways (car over cliff, etc) not involving scary elements and so never took them as nightmares. But dying should be scary right? Dreams are weird.