Friday, November 29, 2013

Konrath Crossovers

   J.A. Konrath, author, E-book entrepreneur, and marketing genius is at it again. This time he's got what has to be one of the coolest ideas I've seen anyone do in a while He's letting other authors write in his universe, teaming their characters with his. If he likes the story he writes a second draft and publishes the team-up and splits the profits 50/50 with the other author. (He pays all publishing costs.) Why do I think this is a cool idea? Because Konrath sells a lot of books, so authors who are perhaps not as well known can get a boost by teaming up with him, and pick up other sales for their solo books from Konrath's fans. It's a smart way to use the way that Amazon sells E-books. You know, those recommendations and the thing that says 'people who bought this book also bought...'
   Anyway, I found this out because I'd ordered one of the books from Amazon and backtracked to Joe's blog. The book I bought was called RACKED and it teamed Konrath's police detective Lt. Jacqueline 'Jack' Daniels with Jude Hardin's P.I. Nicholas Colt. I'd read most of the Jack Daniels books and just picked this new story on a whim. I really enjoyed the story and we know I'm a sucker for a crossover.
   So after I read it, did I go and buy one of Jude Hardin's solo  books? Yes, I did. And when Jude's novel, LADY 52, also written with Konrath comes out, I'll buy that too.
   Intrigued, I decided to try a couple more of these crossover stories, STRAIGHT UP by Konrath and Iain Rob Wright, and JACKED UP by Konrath and Tracy Sharp. Both were fun thrillers and I'd definitely read books by the other author in both cases, plus any further team-ups with Konrath.
   There are several more of these crossovers on the way, and I'll be checking them out. It's a good way to find new people to read and also to visit with Konrath's characters who I like. And I'm all for helping out new authors. So the next question is, am I going to write a story and send it to Konrath? The answer for the moment is no, mostly because I don't have a character that I think would fit his universe well, but hey, you never know.

If you want to read more about the Konrath Crossovers, swing by his blog here:

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