Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Schedule

Last night was my first official Christmas function, the annual Christmas dinner of the Dr. No's gang. (In case you've forgotten, Dr. No's is the Comic Book store that belongs to my buddy Cliff.)There was much laughter and carrying on. I got some nifty gifts and people seemed pleased with the things I gave them, so Christmas is off to a good start.
   Next week, I'm only working Monday, then I'm off the rest of the week. Technically I'm off until January 2nd, but I plan to swing by the workplace on Monday the 30th, just to make sure there are no drafting emergencies.
   I have one get together on Christmas Eve and One Christmas morning, then I'm free the rest of the time. Looking forward to a lot of chilling out. Given the amount of books I acquired in the last two days I've got plenty to read. More on that later. Anyway, the holiday season is shaping up nicely.

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Paul R. McNamee said...

Sounds wonderful.

I have some time off and will chill as best I can but the kids will get a lionshare of my time (as it should be.)

Still, I too hope to knock off some reading and do some relaxing.