Friday, December 20, 2013

Pure Kirby Conan!

   Jack Kirby penciled the cover for Giant Sized Conan issue #5, but when the comic was published, Conan's face had been redrawn by Marvel art director John Romita Sr., presumably to make it more 'on model' with the way Conan looked in the monthly comic. If one wants to get technical, and one does, Jack's version of Conan's face and hair were more 'on model' with the character inside the comic. Issue #5 featured a reprint of the two-issue crossover between Conan and Michael Moocrock's Elric, drawn by Barry Smith, and Jack drew the Smith version. Romita's changes made the character look more like the John Buscema version. In any case, here is the power packed pencil version of the cover. Pure Kirby.


The Wasp said...

I've never really like any of the Conan comics, but if Kirby drew them I'd have bought them all in a heartbeat.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

You said it, Wasp!