Sunday, April 13, 2014

And Now a Pause For Author Identification

One of the questions I get asked the most by folks who've read BLIND SHADOWS and CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD is how did James A. Moore and I collaborate? Basically who did what? My shorthand answer has always been "I'm Griffin and he's Price." And for the most part that sums it up.
   But, some people are more curious than others, so they want to know about the actual writing. How did we do it? The answer is so simple that I get the idea most people think I'm having them on, but basically I would write a chapter (or occasionally two) and send it to Jim. He would read the chapter, write his own chapter, then send it back. On CONGREGATIONS we did that for, I think, 60,000 words before ever stopping to have a story conference. Jim and I are just in sync, what can I tell you? Toward the end we had a chat to figure out how to bring everything together.
   We each have out characters. I wrote Griffin, Charon, and Carter Decamp. Jim wrote Carl Price, Andy, and all the Blackbournes. Reverend Lazarus Cotton was 80% Jim and 20% me. I wrote the sociopath Blues fan, Fry. Jim wrote all the Brennert County officers, the DA, etc. Jim likes to have more characters than me, obviously.

   BUT here's the deal. We also edited each other and fixed each others continuity as we went. If Carl needed to appear in a scene I was writing, I wrote it and Jim changed anything that wasn't "Carl-like". I did the same if he wrote a scene with Griffin. But really there was very little of that necessary. We seem to be able to channel each others characters and while our writing styles are different, they seem to mesh well.
   So anyway, that's how it was done. Now when people ask me this question, I can just refer them to this blog post.

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