Sunday, April 20, 2014

White Knight

A lot of folks toss around terms like 'hard-boiled' and 'noir' and often at targets that are less than deserving. Bracken MacLeod's WHITE KNIGHT is the real deal. A tightly written suspenseful thriller that messes with reader expectations and delivers the goods.
   It also messes with the protagonist's expectations. A young prosecutor who thinks he's seen it all more than once makes a couple of bad assumptions and gets to watch his life unravel as a result. Before the night is out he will come up against some seriously bad people and see everything he cares about put at risk.
   I've been reading crime fiction for a long time and these days I have a hard time finding stuff that holds my attention. I sat down to read a few pages of MacLeod's novella and after about twenty pages I knew I'd be sitting there until I was done. It's that kind of story. One that pulls the reader along and makes him or her believe in the characters and care what happens to them. It also takes some unexpected turns, which is always nice.
   The prose is clear and clean, with no wasted words. The kind I like best. I read an advance copy of this book, but as soon as it comes out you crime fiction folks need to jump on it. Highly recommended.

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