Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hanging With Neal Adams

   Legendary Comic Book Artist Neal Adams is in Atlanta for a convention this weekend and he swung by my local comic book store, Dr, No's, to do a signing last night. I showed up with a couple of copies of Savage Tales for which he had done the covers and got those signed. I also bought three high quality prints from Neal and got those signed as well.

   Neal was in great form, keeping the crowd entertained telling stories of his almost five decades working in comics. The guy's seen it all. I asked a couple of questions and got very detailed answers, including Neal's version of what happened to the infamous 'Shadows in Zamboula' issue of Savage Sword of Conan that he was drawing for Marvel back in the day. Interesting stuff.

   I'd heard Neal could be difficult, but I didn't see any of that last night. He seemed to really be enjoying himself and I couldn't ask for a better experience meeting one of my artist heroes.

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