Saturday, July 05, 2014

R.I.P. C.J. Henderson


   We lost one of our own, yesterday. I first discovered the work of C.J. Henderson through his Jack Hagee Private Eye series, back in the late 80s, when I was reading PI novels hand over fist. The Hagee stories were very pulpish and in fact even included locations and sometimes characters from the pulps. Later I read his Teddy London occult detective series and really enjoyed them.
   Last year at NECON (the North Eastern Writers Conference) I actually got to meet Henderson and chat with him a bit. He was very pleased that I had read his books and enjoyed them, and he asked me which of the Hagee stories was my favorite. I told him 'What You Pay For' because that was the one I started with. I bought several books from him that day including a new copy of 'What You Pay For' just so I could have one signed.
   And guess who ended up sitting beside me on my very first panel as a published author. Yep, C.J Henderson, who kept the audience in stitches with his quick one-liners. He was a funny guy and a genuinely nice man.
   Henderson passed away on July 4th at the age of 62 after a valiant battle with cancer.He'll be missed.


Riju Ganguly said...

Sad news. I had enjoyed several books from him, all of them being collections of short stories featuring Occult Detectives (including Teddy London). Latest book that I have procured is also by him: "Where Angels Dare". I would miss his work.

Rachel V. Olivier said...

Sad news.

Keith West said...

I'm sorry to hear this.