Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cake For Lovecraft

Me: "Hi, I need to order a birthday cake."
Bakery Lady on phone: "Okay, how would you like it decorated."
Me: "Can you put an octopus on there?"
Bakery Lady "I don't think we have any octopuses. We have whales and sharks."
Me: "I was really hoping for a cephalopod."
Bakery Lady: I don't know that that is."
Me. "Okay forget the cephalopods. How about a graveyard?"
Bakery lady" "Er...we have little cookie tombstones."
Me: "Great, Go with that."
Bakery lady. "This is a birthday cake?"
Me: "Yeah, don't worry. The guy is dead."
Bakery lady. "Oh dear."
Me: "No, no, it's okay. He's been dead since 1937."
Bakery lady. "Um, okay. Do you want a name on the cake?"
Me: "Yes, put Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft."
Bakery lady: "Is Lovecraft one word?"
Me: "It is."
We talked about cake sizes and icing choices. Then she said, "When do you need to pick this up?"
Me: "Tomorrow will be fine."
Bakery lady. "What time are you coming because I want to be here to meet you."


Keith West said...


Charles R. Rutledge said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Keith! The cake was delicious too.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Great story, indeed!