Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oh Conan, Where Art Thou?

   I was reviewing my posts here this year and I noticed that in addition to the general drop off in posting from last year, that there's also been a scarcity of posts dealing with Robert E. Howard and his most famous creation, Conan the Cimmerian. If you check the previous few years of Singular Posts, Conan has been a fixture and there are, in fact, a couple of years where this is almost a REH themed blog.

   At the moment, Howard's colleague and pen pal, H.P. Lovecraft seems to have edged REH and Conan out. Not sure if that's because I've been spending so much time writing horror or what. I've definitely been reading more Lovecraft than Howard for the past six months.

   Anyway, I assure you that my enthusiasm for all things Conan and Sword & Sorcery hasn't waned. Just doesn't seem to be where my posting interest lies at the moment.

   As I mentioned in a couple of other posts, I think that my activity on Facebook and other social media has made the biggest difference in the frequency of my blog posts. Any time that I have a lot to say about something I blog about it, but the quick little snippets about stuff seem to end up on Facebook. I've yet to hit 100 blog posts for the year so far. Checking last year's stats, I averaged about 20 posts a month and now I average about 10.

   Anyway, I've no plans to stop blogging, but it is interesting how the changing face of the internet has affected things.


Paul R. McNamee said...

Regardless, I'll keep reading your posts!

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Thanks, Paul!