Monday, November 24, 2014

Checking In

    Sorry the blog has been a little quiet lately. Between working on the new Griffin and Price novel, A HELL WITHIN, and various other writing projects, reading time has been pretty thin on the ground. Haven't really had time to dig into anything since finishing Stephen King's REVIVAL. Hoping to do a bit more reading over the Thanksgiving holidays.


   And speaking of Thanksgiving, because of some scheduling issues with some members of my extended family, we ended up doing the Family Thanksgiving get together over the weekend, so I've already got that behind me. Not sure what I'll be doing on Thanksgiving Day as of the moment.

   At my job we've got Thursday and Friday off and I've scheduled Wednesday off, so this is an inverted work week. Work two days and then have a five day weekend. I like the sound of it.


   So anyway, that's me. I'll try to get back here with something more entertaining soon.

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