Friday, November 14, 2014

Christmas Treasury Editions

For me, 1974 will always be the year of Marvel Comics. I've told the story before of how I received ten Marvel comic books for Christmas of 1973 from a favorite aunt. Up until then I only read DC comics. Somehow I just thought Marvels were inferior. However, since I had the things I decided I might as well read them. And I loved them. So 1974 was the year that I leaped headfirst into Marvel. I quickly made up for lost time and became a huge fan of the Fantastic Four, Captain America, The Avengers and especially Spiderman.
   So when Christmas rolled around again I was thrilled to see the over-sized Tabloid Marvel Christmas Edition on the stands and promptly snatched it up. My grandmother probably paid for it, now that I think of it. Anyway, there was another one the next year and I bought that one too. The third one, I never owned.
   Of the two DC Christmas tabloids, I only had the first and don't recall ever seeing the second. In any case, I lost the three Treasury Editions sometime when I moved, and just recently decided I'd like to have them back. And of course, why not get the two I'd never owned while I was at it. A little careful watching on Ebay and I found all three of the Marvels as a set for a measly $19.99. The two DCs set me back five and ten bucks respectively. The first DC seems to be very hard to come by in decent shape. I didn't care about mint condition, but I did want good copies.
   I won't be reading these until December, but I'm happy to have them.

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