Saturday, December 27, 2014

Doctor Who: Finally, a Winner!

  If you've been a long time reader of Singular Points, then you know that I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who, in which case you may have noticed that I've had little to say about this season. While very much approving of actor Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, I've felt that most of the episodes haven't been too well written this season and that the writers have had trouble getting a handle of Capaldi's Doctor. Up until this weekend there hadn't been an episode I actually liked that much and a few I actively disliked. Thus, I didn't have high hopes for the 2014 Christmas episode, THE LAST CHRISTMAS.
   But fortunately I was wrong. THIS episode the Doctor actually seemed like the Doctor, using his brain to work out what was going on and actively working to solve the problem. The inclusion of Santa Claus in the story, which I figured would be just goofy, turned out to have a logical reason that actually furthered the plot, and added one of the nicest bits of Christmas spirit. "Just one more time, believe in Santa Claus."
   The menace, a creepy race of spidery creatures called 'dream crabs' were almost Lovecraftian, and in fact reminded me a great deal of Frank Belknap Long's 'The Space Eaters.'
   So yeah, THE LAST CHRISTMAS was a lot of fun. Maybe it will be a turning point and the series will impress me more in 2015. Who knows?


Brian Drake said...

I'm glad you liked the episode. I will watch it tonight with fellow Whovians, but I have to admit I share the same opinion as you on the overall debut of Capaldi. Good actor, lousy shows. Jenna Coleman is really getting on my nerves, and to hear she's staying for the next season leaves me less hopeful than you about the next series, but we shall see. BBC America ran a Dr. Who marathon the last few days; watching Tennant and Smith again proved just how hard Capaldi's first year fell flat.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Yeah, watching Tennant reminds me of how far into fairy tale land Moffat has drifted. The Tennant series almost seemed to be happening in the real world. Moffat's stuff is total fantasy even on Earth.