Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

   And here we are, in 2015. The older I get, the faster New Years Days seem to come around. 2014, was a good year with several stories published and a third Griffin & Price novel completed. Look for it in the not too distant future. 2015 has already gotten off to a good start with the White Noise Press Chapbook of WHAT ROUGH BEAST by James A Moore and me due come February.
   The new year looks to be a busy one. I'll be at JordanCon, World Horror Con, and NECON, and possibly a couple of other conventions that are shaping up. Got another novel planned to write with Jim Moore, this one a ghost story, and some other collaborations that we can't talk about yet. Planning a few solo projects as well. More about those as they roll around.
   So yeah, looks like a busy writing year already up and running. So Happy New Year to all. Let's see if we can make it a good one.

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Keith West said...

Happy New Year, Charles!