Sunday, January 25, 2015

Karl Edward Wagner Interview in Dagon #25

I'm working on a story that features both Karl Edward Wagner and Manly Wade Wellman as supporting characters. Working title, pulled Wagner-Style from song lyric, is "Washes the Grave With Silvery Tears" . As a result I've been rereading various interviews with both writers, trying to get a feel for them. I was made aware of one interview I didn't have, which appeared in a British Fanzine DAGON #25 in 1989. With the help of Ebay and the Royal Mail, I found a reasonably priced ...copy and wasted no time in getting it sent my way.
As it turns out, the interview, conducted by Carl T. Ford, turned out to be one of the best interviews I've read with Wagner so far. It includes, among other things, the secret origin of Wagner's alter ego, Cody Lennox, a lot of information about the unfinished novel, 'At First Just Ghostly', and some stuff I didn't know about Wagner's signature character, Kane the immortal warrior-necromancer. I also found out a couple more things that KEW and I have in common, but more about that later.
Outside of the interview, the fanzine also contains some very interesting articles, and the old ads put me on the trail of a couple of books I don't have. So yeah, really good purchase. Worth the trouble.


new improved gorman said...

Karl took a couple of my stories for his annual DAW anthologies. One of my stories he took because he said it reminded him of a close friend. Though the story was supernatural its theme was loneliness. I always wondered if the friend wasn't really himself. He was a terrific writer and a very nice guy.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

I wish I'd gotten to meet him, Ed. And I agree. A really good writer.

Keith West said...

I'm going to have to track down a copy of that interview. Sounds like some really good stuff there.