Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Martian Legion Arrives

This isn't a review because I just got this half a million word novel and I haven't started it yet, but it was so cool that I wanted to post this pic. (Normal size paperback included for scale.) In this epic tale John Carter of Mars returns to Earth to enlist the help of Tarzan and ends up with not only the apeman, but Doc Savage, The Shadow, and other heroes too, who travel to Barsoom to fight a terrible threat. Yeah, the 14 year old me is going berserk. The book contains over a hundred illustrations and multiple color paintings and is simply amazing. After I read it, I will of course, provide an actual review. For now I'm just gazing at it in admiration for the sheer example of amazing bookmaking that it is.


Tim Knight said...

Very, very envious! Way too expensive for my wallet, but looks lovely and can't wait to hear your full review of the book once you've finished it.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Let us know if the story holds up as well as the art. If they ever offered an artless ebook and the story was worth it, I'd certainly consider buying it.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Will do, Tim.

Paul, that might be a possibility. The author said the story might appear in a cheaper volume though the artwork won't.

Anonymous said...

Very curious about Martian Legion as the package is so flat out spectacular and we have basically no knowledge of the quality of the novel itself.

Seriously, have any of the books to which Martian Legion pays such elaborate tribute ever seen this kind of deluxe treatment?

While the book may ultimately prove to be a fine, heartfelt homage, this has to be the most exalted example of a mash-up pastiche ever.
But I have to say, if it's half as good as its packaging then it will be a helluva yarn.

John Hocking