Thursday, March 19, 2015


  I got  a ton of stuff at the comic book store last night. PULP MACABRE is a new look at the horror art of Lee Brown Coye, focusing on the latter part of his career when he was illustrating books by folks like Manly Wade Wellman and Hugh B. Cave for Karl Edward Wagner's Carcosa Press and others. Lots of art and lots of photos of KEW, Wellman, and others.
   A new Doc Savage novel by Will Murray and a pulp reprint of two original Doc novels by Lester Dent and Lawrence Donovan. The first part of a new Tarzan comic series by Mike Grell. A collection of Baltimore comics by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden.  Volume 29 of the Chronicles of Conan, collecting the original marvel comics run of Conan the Barbarian. The first issue of Mike Mignola's new Frankenstein Underground series. The second issue of Legendary Red Sonja, which features a Steampunk version of the she-devil with the a sword. And she appears to be fighting some Deep Ones.
   Not shown, because it was too bloody big to fit the picture, is the jack Kirby Mr. Miracle Artist Edition, which features full size reproductions of Kirby's art. Amazing stuff.

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