Saturday, March 21, 2015

Legenderry Red Sonja

   This week's pleasant surprise was discovering Dynamite Entertainment's Legenderry Red Sonja, a Steampunk version of the she-devil with a sword. Issue two was out this week and primarily caught may attention because Sonja appeared to be fighting Lovecraft's Deep Ones on the cover. As it turned out, not only were they not Deep Ones, but the fish-men don't even appear in that issue. Oh well. My local comic shop, Dr. No's, still had copies of the first issue available so on a whim, I picked up both issues.
   I've never been a huge fan of Sonja, who (one more time) is NOT a Robert E. Howard character, but I have occasionally enjoyed her adventures. She fits in well with the Steampunk genre. In this series she's the captain of a ship, and when she makes port at a large city, she walks right into trouble with, well...spoilers.
   Written by Marc Andreyko and drawn by Aneke (just that one name) this is a fairly lightweight but fun adventure. Speaking of the art, the only things visually linking this Sonja with the original are her red hair and the upper half of her famous mail bikini. She actually gets trousers in this incarnation. But she's still got a sword and she ain't afraid to use it against man or monster. Fun stuff.

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