Saturday, August 15, 2015

Where We Live and Die by Brian Keene

   I have long been fascinated by Meta-Fiction, that place where fiction meets reality, and the things that occur there. In WHERE WE LIVE AND DIE, author Brian Keene goes to that nexus point and gazes into the abyss with an unflinching eye. A large part of this book is autobiographical fiction, told through the eyes of a man who often makes a living writing about terrible things.
   The center piece is THE GIRL ON THE GLIDER, which Keene describes in the book's afterword as 'ninety nine point nine percent true'. In the story Keene delves into the life of a middle aged horror writer and examines the affect his lifestyle has on the people in his life, all the while telling a ghost story that also is mostly true.
   THE REVOLUTION HAPPENED WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING is a beat poem history of the horror genre and all the beats are just right. If you know the material Keene is talking about, you'll get every bit of it. If not, you'll learn something.
   Probably my favorite story is MUSINGS, which once again looks at the writer's life and adds a nice bit of creepiness that I think Karl Edward Wagner would have appreciated. There are more stories in this collection and they are all worth your time. Like I said, Brian Keene doesn't pull any punches in these stories and he doesn't look away when many people would. Highly recommended.

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